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The questions asked in the content section are: Which trends are rising and which are falling? Are there peaks over time? What could this be related to? Is it about content (particularly strong content) or seasonality (that’s the holidays)? “Audience”: Who are you dating? The next tab gives you an in-depth analysis of Taiwan WhatsApp Number List your audience. Again, choose your date range. Basic info tells you the number of new followers, reach, total followers, and how many people are following. Followers will tell you how many followers you have gained from the last period, how many you have lost, follower growth and a graph showing your followers over time. You’ll then see Reach , where you can see how many people your content has reached over that time.

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It is also divided into the percentage of your followers vs non-followers. Next, you’ll see the audience demographics graph. Darker purple indicates more followers in the area. If you hover over those countries, it will tell you the percentage of followers there. Under the map, account. Currently, this feature is only available on Instagram, but we hope to get it to Facebook soon. In the Competitors section, you can view: Summary metrics, such as Taiwan WhatsApp Number List changes in the number of followers How many posts your competitors are publishing and what type of posts when they publish content within a week Average engagement rate, likes and comments on different posts Top 5 posts among all competitors by engagement, likes or comments You can see an example of the data we share here: Competitor Analysis for Instagram Instagram analytics graph Export and share your insights Weekly.

Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

Email Insights Digest We will also send your weekly digest to your email when you have an account connected to Sked. Arrival time is Monday at 10am your local time, covering the week from the previous week to Sunday. Instagram’s weekly digest of email insights The email contains a summary of the Taiwan WhatsApp Number List following: Followers, Impressions, Reach and Posts Published, including % change from previous week The total number of likes and comments and the average engagement rate of the post for the week, including the percentage change from the previous week Your top 3 top-performing feed posts from the last week Your Story Performance Summary: Number of Posts, Impressions, Reach and Completion Rates, including % change from previous week Clients often use this email to forward it to clients or internal stakeholders, so don’t worry.

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