You Can See the Intentions and Efforts of the Production Team

The best formula for Japan’s ACG industry marketing has always been that the publisher’s comics have been serialized to a certain degree of popularity. Through the production of TV animations by animation companies, they have accumulated a certain popularity. Finally, the comics will be promoted to entertainment media such as


The animation mainly focuses on children,

And it also reduces the original complex characters. For example, the five generals are Portugal Phone Number reduced to two, and the story line of Wei, the enemy of the state of Gui, has also been removed, and it has become a relatively single story line. Funny elements enhance the interest of the overall story, and at the same

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The first point is that the storytelling performance

Is good and bad. “Zhuge Shiro – Hero of Heroes” still uses the form of children’s theater to create screen splits, which leads to some scenes that do not play the charm of animation. Although some scenes show a good splitting effect, the characters flying over or even incoherent often occur. There are even situations where the

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