Google Plans to Improve Its Search Engine With Activity Cards

Although google is the most used search engine in many countries. It should not rest on its achievements and it is well aware of this. To do this, the search engine giant continues to improve through various and varied features. Today, we are particularly interested in ” activity cards “. The latest innovation was announced by Google to improve its search engine. The arrival of “activity cards” on google UAE Phone number it’s official. Google is modifying its results pages with the arrival of “activity cards”. What are they for? The “Activity cards” will display a history of searches on a particular theme. For example, if you type a query related to a specific theme in google. A section will then appear that you can expand. This one, named “your related activity” will present web pages and queries related to your search.

The Arrival of “activity Cards” on Google It’s Official

For example, if you type “eat healthy” in the Google search bar, the section will display the web pages related to the theme that you have already visited in the past. Likewise, you will find related queries that you have already typed on the search engine. How do “Activity Cards” work? Nothing’s easier! At first, you need to have a Google account and sign in. Then, by launching a search as usual UAE Phone number you will find the results of your search, but also the web pages and queries relating to your theme. Knowing that you have to connect to your personal Google account, the “Activity Cards” are only visible to the Internet user.

Are the “Activity Cards” Available on the French Serps

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For the moment, they do not apply to all requests, but to specific themes? Indeed, they apply initially to areas such as sport, fashion, well-being, photography, cooking, etc. Showing Activity Cards in Google Mobile SERPs Are the “Activity Cards” available on the French SERPs? Like most Google features, Activity Cards is initially available in the United States. They were indeed deployed, at the UAE Phone number same time as the announcement made by Google, on January 9, 2019. However, they are only visible on the mobile SERPs and on the Google application. Items in your maps are also accessible from the menu at the top left of the Google mobile search page as well as from the bottom bar of the Google app.

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