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On Monday, April 8, 2019, on Instagram, the Anglo-Saxon account of the Lush company published an announcement that upset its subscribers. Find out what was the content of this publication and what strategy is behind this big bet which is to completely leave  Philippines Phone number social networks. It’s official: The lush UK is quitting social media! It is important to clarify that not all divisions of Lush are choosing to leave social networks, but only the parent division of this company, which is located in England. The announcement is therefore official, 2 days ago, Lush UK followers found themselves faced with a publication they never thought they would deal with.

It’s Official Lush Uk Is Quitting Social Media

Here are the instagram, facebook, and twitter accounts that feature the same post represented by. A switch that serves as a metaphor for their announcement. The lush uk announces it is quitting social media on instagram lush. Uk announcement posted on facebook announcement of lush uk’s departure from social media on twitter. We also note that their official announcement is embellished Philippines Phone number A long text which explains to the followers of each network their motivations for leaving the social networks. We then realize that the company has “overfilled” the world of social networks. They then express their dissatisfaction with the different algorithms of the latter. Which make the visibility of their publications more uncertain.

Lush Uk a 100% Influencer Communication Strategy

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This mode of operation does not correspond to their values ​​and the english company does not. Wish to resolve to pay so that its publications gain invisibility. In addition, lush uk highlights the human side which punctuates the life of their company. This is one of the fundamental values Philippines Phone number ​​of the brand and it wants to get. Closer to this value to make it a communication force. The lush uk explains why they want to quit social media people first indeed. Lush is a company that has always made sure to put people first. This natural cosmetics company is experiencing real success with its products. Which also defend important causes.

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