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Product managers have a very daily job for output Lithuania Mobile Number requirements. But sometimes over-design is inevitable in their work. The author of this article shared the issue of over-design with caution. And talked about over-design. Let’s learn the definition of . Why overdesign occurs. And how to fix it. It is natural for product managers to ask how to drink water and eat. But there are times when they feel that the solution is a bit too complicate Lithuania Mobile Number or too entangled in details. So there is the problem of over-design. For example. In the start-up stage of the business. A push system needs to be built. The original requirement of operation is to support the import of user lists and send them in batches. The demand point is very simple. When creating a plan. You can set the plan name.

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And set the sending time. However. Based on product Lithuania Mobile Number design principles. Product managers will consider versatility and scalability when designing. And will naturally think about whether to use the user attribute selection function. Whether to implement the content template function. Whether to implement the traffic Lithuania Mobile Number distribution test function. Or not. Do statistics module to track performance. It can be done and used. The problem is that for a start-up business. The complex functions associated later cannot be used for a long time. If the program includes these latter functions. There will be an over-design problem. After all. Resources are always tight. And there are always more important things to deal with. In this case. The degree of matching between the scheme design and the current business stage is the criterion for judging whether it is over-designed.

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Another common case of overdesign is that the Lithuania Mobile Number product plan is too entangled in the details. And repeatedly adjusts some small things. A mature business is more likely to have this situation. Mature business means that the overall product framework is also very mature. So how to optimize it? The other differences are really not big. And the system support for various marketing has been very mature. In this case. It is necessary to Lithuania Mobile Number optimize the application process. Which is actually very unnecessary. Doing it is to make some adjustments to the ui and interaction of the interface. But it has little impact on the overall completion rate. In extreme cases. The natural fluctuations are larger than the changes in the optimization effect. In this case. It is actually necessary to compare with the data of the industry. If it is similar to the optimal data. Then you can put it aside for a while. And don’t bother. Really.

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