Why Can’t the Dubai Phone Number Enterprise’s Mrp Run?

Generally speaking. Mrp refers to material deman Dubai Phone Number planning. After implementing erp. One of the goals of an enterprise is to run through mrp. However. Many companies cannot achieve this goal. The reasons behind this lie in many aspects Dubai Phone Number such as data and processes. In this article. The author summarizes the reasons why mrp cannot run through. Let’s take a look. Mrp can’t run. And some companies habitually let the system take the blame: the function of erp is not good. For those small erps that mainly focus on inbound and outbound storage. This may make sense; but for large erps with full functions such as sap and oracle. This is obviously not applicable. What we want to say here is that the failure of mrp to run is a system function problem on the surface. But there are profound data. Process and management problems behind it. The bill of materials bom is the basis of mrp operation: the requirements are entered into the erp system.

Master Data Is Inaccurate Dubai Phone Number

And determines whether there is inventory layer Dubai Phone Number by layer; if not. It drives the supply chain to produce and purchase. Therefore. Whether the mrp can run or not depends directly on the accuracy of the bom. For the bom. The only constant is change. In the complex changes. The accuracy of the bom is difficult to maintain. Common bom Dubai Phone Number data errors are: Part properties. Such as drawing number. Drawing version. Unit. Etc. Are incorrectly identified; The number of parts. Such as the number of first-level components and lower-level components in the bom is wrong; Configuration problems. Such as market configuration table. Engineering configuration. And production configuration do not match; Procurement status. Such as bom data errors caused by the source of supply; Station error. Such as system station does not match the actual assembly. Etc. This is just a few of the many bom errors. For a detailed list of errors. Please refer to the article “How to improve the accuracy of bom”.

Inaccurate Order Data Dubai Phone Number

Dubai Phone Number


There is a lengthy list there. Which makes people Dubai Phone Number feel that “Any problem that may occur will happen”. . A worse problem is that there is no bom at all. Or the bom is in piles of excel sheets. This is common in low-informatization companies. Because that’s how they traditionally operate. In other words. With the information system. The bom is also included. And the inaccuracy of the bom has also been discovered. But it is difficult to Dubai Phone Number modify it in the erp system. For example. The change of the bom must follow the change process. The larger the company. The more complicated these processes are. . The slower it is. The objective is to cause employees to operate outside the system. And the result is the “Accounts and facts do not match” of the bom. To solve the bom accuracy problem. R&d personnel are inseparable. In any company. R&d is the busiest group of people. Although it is the main responsible person for the bom. How much time can be spent on maintaining the bom. Mainly developing new products? Moreover. With so many products and so many boms.

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