Why are WeChat’s update records Armenia Mobile Number always just a few words?

Make users completely unaware of what features Armenia Mobile Number have been update. And that this iteration has solved the problem. As for the update records of other products. The functions of the new iteration are explaine as clearly as possible. And even the operation manuals of the new functions are directly posted on the update records. In addition. For all the new functions on wechat. There has never been a “Novice guide”. While other Armenia Mobile Number products not only have a novice guide. But also a mandatory novice guide. You must click every step to end the novice guide. So why does wechat have neither a novice guide nor any update records? The core concept of wechat is to respect the real needs of users. To be extremely restrained. To deliberately not disturb users. And to allow users to explore wechat by themselves. Just like the relationship between people.

Keep It Simple and Smooth Armenia Mobile Number

And the user deliberately operates the new Armenia Mobile Number function in order to “Learn” the new function. It will disturb the user’s operation inertia. And the data reflected by the new function is not the real user. Need. The bottom navigation of wechat has not changed since it was launche. It has always been based on the communication needs Armenia Mobile Number of users. And saves users the cost of “Learning” new functions. Instead. It cleverly allows users to discover. Learn use of new functions. The design of new functions is carrie out without affecting the user’s original habit of using the product. So that the user never delays the smoothness of operating the product because of the new function. Why are wechat’s update records always just a few words?

Create Social Topics for Users Armenia Mobile Number

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For the product with the largest number of users Armenia Mobile Number in china (over 1.2 billion monthly active users). The user base is so large and the product carries so many functions. Any changes require a high degree of caution and data verification. At the same time. There may be hundreds of grayscale version in ab test. If the new functions are directly written in the update records in detail. Users will be misle. Because the new functions of  wechat on each user’s mobile phone have differences between different versions. The most distinctive feature of wechat product design is the “Extremely simple” interaction. Which is so simple that the user can use it without any instructions. If the user does not use or cannot use it. For wechat. The design is not simple enough; In the pursuit of extremely simple design.

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