Which Keywords They Use When Searching for the Things You Sell

Because it tells you how to best focus Cameroon WhatsApp Number List  your marketing efforts: which sites and publications people visit your site from, which keywords they use when searching for the things you sell, and more. Scrabble Scrabble with the keywords they spell out Live time This metric is the number of seconds a person spends on your website. High time on your site will help you grow as it means your visitors will spend more time browsing and viewing different products, leading to more revenue! Also, search engines Cameroon WhatsApp Number Listlove that people spend a lot of time on a website,A high bounce rate indicates that your visitors are not finding what they are looking for on the first page. why? Is it because of a lack of quality content, too many ads that interfere with their views, or something else? man working with computer in coffee shop Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) This is the amount of revenue generated per visitor. You want to increase this by focusing

They Use When Searching for the Things You Sell

It tells you how valuable a customer’s relationship with your brand is to your business. You want to increase this metric by strengthening your relationship with them and paying attention to their needs.New Customer Orders vs Returning Customer Orders This metric compares the number of orders from new and Cameroon WhatsApp Number List returning customers. This metric is important if you want to grow your ecommerce site because it shows how many people are coming back to buy more! man sitting on sofa using computer Cart abandonment rate This is the percentage of users who added an item to their cart and then left the site without completing their purchase. This is important because it means you are losing potential income. Small shopping cart with cosmetics Number of transactions This is the number of transactions.

Cameroon WhatsApp Number List

When Searching for the Things You Sell

The number of customers who bought from you in the Cameroon WhatsApp Number List past six months past six months. You can also count it as umber of orders Cameroon WhatsApp Number List placed. The higher this value, the more money you make! man stretching tape on cardboard box income Revenue is the amount you generate by selling a product or service. This is one of the biggest metrics because it shows you how capable you are of selling. It’s important to note that businesses can earn a lot of revenue and still be unprofitable. Related: 11 tips on how to advertise your online store. monkey counter. This metric shows you the average amount your customers are willing to spend. The higher the number, the better! person sitting at table using computer product inventory turnover

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