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The best practice for internal linking (Internal Linking) is that any link that leads to pages on your website provides value to users and at the same time helps search engines discover more pages from that website. What you need to know about In-Site LinkingWhat is internal linking? Why is internal linking important? Internal linking and SEO relationship Internal linking Google Recommendations Uruguay Phone number Internal linking Bing Recommendations Should you “nofollow” internal links? Internal linking Application (Checklist)What is an external link? Conclusion What is Internal Linking? A web page can have 2 types of links. The first is what we call external links, and these are links that lead to pages outside the website. For example, if you click on this link, you will go to my Linkedin page.

What Is Internal Linking a Web Page Can Have

The second type is internal links, which have 2 types: Links pointing to the same page. For example, if you click on this link, you will go to the Results section of this post. Links that point to other on-site web pages but from the same domain, For example, if you click on this link, you will be taken to the How to write SEO-friendly content page. The official definition of internal links is: Internal links are links that point to pages on the same domain. Here is an example of what an internal link looks like in Uruguay Phone number HTML Makes website navigation easy Associates pages of the same site with each other Distributes the page rank of a page within the website Helps search engines discover important pages of a website example of good and poor internal linking practice as I explain in my SEO Tutorial.

Why Is Internal Linking Important as Seen in the Diagram

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The way search engines work is that during the crawling and indexing process they start crawling. A website from the homepage and then follow the links to discover and index more pages from the same website. Internal links help search engines a lot in this process by showing them which pages are important to the site. If you look at the weak internal linking part of the schema (on the right). When Uruguay Phone number search engines reach the home page, they will reach page a and then leave. Your job is to create seo, user-friendly site structure and use internal linking to direct both. Search engines and users to the most valuable pages of your website. Internal links create a network of links on the pages and distribute them throughout the site.

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