What does being first on google mean and is it possible?

In recent years, the role of search engines and google in particular. Has not only changed, but has increased exponentially, both the importance and the impact with users who surf the web. Today search engines are used for everything searching for information, comparing a product, a business or. News, organizing a vacation, buying a product or service, searches are endless. It is therefore automatic to state that if your site is in the first positions of the list. Resulting from the search the socalled serp, the company. Will obtain benefits this thinking is basically correct, but it is not as easy as one might think.


The advantages of positioning in the SERP

Google positioning the role of web agencies currently philippines photo editor there are many agencies that as a core business claim to be specialized in the positioning of sites, all of these promise to place your site in a short time and at the top of the google ranking, sometimes they communicate it to you via email without even having seen, evaluated and analyzed the site and your company or talking to you to understand your goals.

Is it therefore possible to really promise so easily that your site can be first over all the answer is obviously no, because positioning in the serp is not a race where whoever finishes first wins, but a slow climb where you have to explore welldefined paths and strategies, in order to be sure to move up in the searches compared to your real competitors. Seo is not an exact science, you dont have the ability to push a button and be first, it takes hard work over time.

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The website within the corporate marketing

Read also digital marketing vs traditional KHB Directory marketing, one does not exclude the other the advantages of positioning in the serp when a user makes a query, he types one or more words expressing his search intent this is displayed in the serp search engine results page which shows about 10 organic results per page what does organic mean the serp is divided into distinct areas ads paid ads that are at the top and bottom.

Organic area which is in the central part there are also other types. Of ads such as google my business, google shop, the very difficult zero position. Ads is a paid form of advertising that is inserted into the search pages. According to the keywords chosen this can be considered a real auction as the higher the frequency with which a. Aarticular word is searched, the higher the cost of the click made on it.

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