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Instagram as a platform will always be changing, and the way people use social media. To communicate will continue to evolve. Subscribe to. Important updates from Instagram via news outlets such as our blog, and don’t be afraid. Netherlands B2B List to try new things, such as Instagram. Polls in Instagram Stories, or a gallery narrative with several images in a row. Your brand may be the first to introduce users to. The new features Instagram has released. This will make you stand out as a leader by encouraging users to share your content with their friends. So once you’re aware of a new feature, try out a post or two that includes it

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(in your own style and tone, of course), and then test out a few ways to do it over the next week so you can decide what works best for you best solution. use it. Additional Instagram Marketing Tip #11: Build Your Color Palette Start defining a two- or three-color palette that reflects your brand. This will be your visual footprint in your user feed. This color palette can come from your brand, logo or packaging, or it can just be a range Netherlands B2B List of colors that reflect the mood of your company. Use an app like VSCO or in a hidden Instagram account to test out a few color palettes in 9-image units before establishing the colors you want to have consistent across your feed. Once you’ve made a decision, start collecting backgrounds and simple style objects that you can use when taking images for your Instagram feed.



It’s a good idea to always carry something with you, whether it’s a backpack, handbag, or studio, etc., so that you can take it with you wherever you go. You never know when you’ll get a great photo! remember Editing techniques like toning filters and changing contrast are also key to creating a Netherlands B2B List brand’s visual style. Take advantage of Sked Social’s in-browser editor to crop, add stickers and apply tonal filters to your posts to pre-arrange them. Should all images be slightly desaturated but contrasted to be more dramatic without being garish? Or should the warmth setting be adjusted to provide a cool, refined overall feel? Take note of the editing settings that work for

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