Due to Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement Bolivia Mobile Number

Due to cost reduction and efficiency enhancement Bolivia Mobile Number  and demands for anti-corruption and compliance. The procurement system urgently needs to implement standardized and sunshine management to move to a new level. In this Bolivia Mobile Number article. The author analyzes the value and construction of e-procurement. Let’s take a look. The previous article briefly described the four stages of the development of the procurement business. The task of ensuring supply in the later stage of the procurement 1.0 stage was basically solved. But the deep-seated problems of the procurement system began to emerge gradually. The specific problems are as follows: Purchasing performance is completely dependent on the individual ability of the buyer The procurement process is opaque and non-standard Management has no oversight of the procurement process Businesses often find themselves overpriced Purchasing and shopping around.

Process Sunshine Management Bolivia Mobile Number

Resulting in an internal crisis of trust. And other Bolivia Mobile Number departments always look at purchasing with tinted glasses Once the corruption incident is exposed. The harm is shocking Inability to produce satisfactory performance for the business At the same time. Due to the economic downturn. Overcapacity. Oversupply. And fierce competition. Corporate Bolivia Mobile Number profits continue to decline. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency. And seeking profits from the reduction of procurement costs. Have become the most urgent tasks and important issues for many enterprises. Due to the demands of anti-corruption and compliance. State-owned enterprises. Under the guidance of the sasac and other competent departments. Also require standardized and sunny management of the procurement system. As a result. Under the impetus of the senior management of the enterprise. The procurement system has moved to a new level.

Centralization of Management Bolivia Mobile Number

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However, Work focus: from business level to management  level Work goal: from guaranteed supply to the pursuit of optimal price It is no longer just to meet the supply. But to achieve the optimal price by adjusting the supply and demand relationship to trigger the full competition of the supply side. In order to standardize the procurement Bolivia Mobile Number management system and unify the procurement process. In the procurement 2.0 stage. Enterprises tend to centralize the procurement functions scattered in various departments and implement unified management. In addition to raw materials. The company also centralizes all spending-related items such as mro procurement (maintenance. Repair. Operation). Construction engineering procurement. And service administrative procurement to the procurement department for management. Unified standard process for procurement. With the development of business.

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