Upgrading of Enterprise Procurement System Italy Phone Numbers

If you don’t want to order lobster and specify the Italy Phone Numbers place of origin. Then the space for price reduction in business is very limite. The proportion of business price reduction is usually 5%~10%. Because this is the profit margin of the supplier. . Instead of thinking about how to buy lobster at a lower price. It is better to think about how to optimize the Italy Phone Numbers structure of dishes to reduce costs. The focus of the enterprise shifts from external to internal. And optimizes complex categories. Unreasonable designs. And high technical standards; from passive post-stage management to more proactive early-stage design optimization; from focusing on the lowest price to focusing on the highest cost excellent. So what is the connection and difference between “Price” and “Cost”? If the cost is compare to the iceberg of the ocean.

Forward-looking Italy Phone Numbers

Therefore, A whiteboar pen on the market costs 2 yuan. Which is calle the price. However. To buy a pen. An application must be submitte by the internal deman unit. And a series of processes will be followed from approval by the leader to the implementation of the Italy Phone Numbers purchase. And then to the warehouse reimbursement. The use of the pen. Consumables. Maintenance. And disposal. Some of these actions can be expresse directly in Italy Phone Numbers monetary form; some can be expresse in terms of the wage cost of labor hours spent; and some are opportunity costs. That is. The benefits of doing another activity if you don’t do this. If a buyer is paid 3.000 yuan per month.  A department leader is paid 6.000 yuan. And a driver is paid 2.000 yuan. We can use the following table to calculate the time and related expenses for purchasing this whiteboard pen.

 Have a Big Picture Italy Phone Numbers

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Procurement process time and cost statistics: In this case. The 2 yuan paid for the pen is the price; the company spent a total of 118 yuan in the Italy Phone Numbers entire process. Which is the cost. The biggest problem in the procurement 2.0 stage is staring at the 2 yuan. Repeatedly comparing which one is cheaper. And turning a blind eye to the  116 yuan spent behind the 2 yuan. It is very difficult and easy to sacrifice quality in order to reduce the purchase price of 2 yuan. But it is completely feasible to reduce the process cost of 116 yuan. Cost and price are like the relationship between appearance and character when choosing a life partner. Don’t just look at appearance. But also look at character. In the procurement 3.0 stage.

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