Tiktok Has Been Beta Testing “Hate” Features Guatemala Mobile Number

However. You can find that over the years. More and Guatemala Mobile Number more social networks no longer provide users with the “Dislike” function. And even some platforms often no longer display the specific number. This is the case for youtube in overseas markets. As well as zhihu in china. And tiktok may do the same in the future. This is actually because Guatemala Mobile Number content creators are the core of the ecology no matter which platform they are on. The platform needs to protect or win over them. And it needs to provide a better creation environment for these users who produce ugc content. In a sense. It will have a certain impact on the creator. In this case. Why doesn’t the platform directly cancel the “Dislike” or objection function? This is because from the user level. Although this behavior does not have much positive effect.

For Content Platforms Guatemala Mobile Number

And then guide creators. In addition. You  may wish to Guatemala Mobile Number think about it. Under what circumstances will users choose to click . Typically. This is almost certainly a time when users have a very strongly negative attitude towards the Guatemala Mobile Number content. Because in the face of disliked content. In addition to clicking “Dislike”. The product manager actually provides an “X” in the upper right corner to let users get rid of the content they don’t like to watch. So users will perform additional operations to click “Dislike”. It is almost certainly the kind of content that they dislike and dislike. And this also means that the platform can actually tell what users like through their click-and-click behavior. For content platforms. The most important part is actually to figure out the specific preferences of specific users.

This Is Almost Certainly Guatemala Mobile Number

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You must know that human thinking is lazy. When you see a point of view similar to your own. You will naturally accept it easily. And you will only think Guatemala Mobile Number when you encounter a leftward point of view. From the user’s point of view. You will click on things you like. And ignore things you don’t like or are not interested in. Therefore. It is also the Guatemala Mobile Number easiest and most direct way to recommend the same type of push messages through statistical analysis of the content you click. And this is the theoretical basis of the so-called personalized recommendation.  Tiktok has been beta testing “Hate” features. But it’s best not to take it lightly The advantage of the personalized recommendation algorithm based on machine learning is to make users “Lazy”. In today’s era of information explosion. A large amount of diversified content has occupied the user’s field of vision.

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