Three Page Types for B-end Products Cambodia Mobile Number

Different brands have different views on the Cambodia Mobile Number  design of b-end products. Most of which are based on serious and rigid styles. But there are also certain differences. The author of this article introduces us to b-end products. The three page Cambodia Mobile Number types of . From the page type can be associated with the user’s usage scenarios. Let’s learn together. Among b-end products. We often see various design pages. And many people will question themselves. Is this a b-end product page? Three page types for b-end products I feel that the brand tonality is not in line with the tonality of the brand. B-end products often convey seriousness and rigidity to users. But within the same product. There will also be such differences. When browsing the major design systems. We often hear the specific classification of b-side pages.

Transition Page Cambodia Mobile Number

We can also look at the specific pages of the b-side from another perspective. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. Three types of pages for b-side products Cambodia Mobile Number divided according to the user’s focus dimension: “Transition page. Immersion page. Configuration page”. Three page types for b-end products In fact. The essence of my division of page types is to think about the concentration of users’ different postures. Because of the final use Cambodia Mobile Number posture of our users. The page needs to be classified carefully. 1. Transition page Why is the workbench always colorful? Colorful? Why do you show me this colorful page when I obviously want tables and forms? Why don’t I suggest that migrant workers choose to live near the company? In fact. It can be answered through the transition page/scenario. In a transitional page.

The Immersion Cambodia Mobile Number

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The user mainly plays a transitional role in these  pages. That is. The user can find the content he wants through these pages. For example. The workbench/home page. Its essence is actually distribution. That is to say. It distributes user traffic in c-side products. And it distributes product functions in b-end products Therefore. You Cambodia Mobile Number will find that the workbench of b-end products is expanded with various fancy function entrances. Even if it is the corresponding chart and line chart. But usually these data can be entered into the corresponding page through the chart. Therefore. Its essence is to provide users with access to system functions. And the bells and whistles are distinguished by color. So that he can clearly know where I am going and what function to use? For example. Now you open sketch/. And its pages are always colorful. In fact. In its view.

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