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However, The rns (radio navigation system) is a stand-alone Ivory Coast Mobile Number device that can replace the standard stereo system (chorus. Concert. Symphony) as an option. It has a color lcd screen and more functions than bns. However, And the rns system can also Ivory Coast Mobile Number be subdivide into rns-d. Rns-e and rns-e 2010. For instance, The rns-d has a tilting color lcd screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio placed in the middle of the device. Flanked by 2 symmetrical control knobs. There is a large 6.5-inch lcd screen on the left side of the rns-e. A row of function buttons near the lower edge. And a large control knob and a small volume knob on the right side. Rns-e 2010 is an upgraded version of the standard rns-e equipment. It has a higher quality screen. Media buttons instead of cd/tv or cd/sd buttons.

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However, But the systems are quite different in a strict sense. Unable to Ivory Coast Mobile Number share maps. Discs. And unable to control car control functions. For instance,  Such as temperature. Seat convenience. Etc. Operate. The audi mmi 3g has the same level of functionality as the mmi 2g high. However, But is faster and has a better user interface. Mmi 3g is also available in Ivory Coast Mobile Number several models. Such as mmi 3g basic (dvd rom). Mmi 3g/3g+ (hd). Mmi 3g high and mmi 3g+ (connect). The mmi 3g+ offers a 7-inch tft color display. Four function keys (up from eight in the front) and a central control dial with joystick functionality. The audi mmi 3g high offers a touchscreen for handwriting recognition and also has bluetooth as a standard option. Premium The entry version has not been introduce to china. The standard version is mmi radio.

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However, And the advanced version can be divided into Ivory Coast Mobile Number two-dimensional navigation (mmi navigation) and advanced three-dimensional navigation (mmi navigation plus). Not only does it have a smooth ui visual experience. But the navigation system also supports three years of free wireless updates. In the mib 1 system. The previous separate Ivory Coast Mobile Number touchpad was integrated on the spin button. And the user could write directly on the knob. However, The voice system has also been further improved. And the specific address can be spoken directly in the navigation. In mib 2 . The entry version was discarded and an extended version was added. The interaction logic was optimized. And the operation panel buttons were reduced by two. Support smartphone interface. You can search the contents of the mobile phone on the car.

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