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Hover over the graph to see your daily posts  the date the post was published will show dots. At the bottom of the graph. See how your Instagram account is performing. By impressions! Export to PDF You can export any page in the Insights dashboard to PDF. Just click UK WhatsApp Number List the button at the top of the page. Export to Excel Prefer to get raw data? We are happy to provide! Select a time period and click “Email me Excel” to receive an Excel file report. In this report you will find 10 worksheets (tabs) covering: Overall performance summary for the selected period follower growth indicator Post Media Metrics Reach and Impression Metrics engagement metrics Story Metrics Follower Location Indicator.

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Follower Language Metrics Follower Details Profile activity such as website clicks. The Excel file gives you daily summaries as well as common comparison metrics like average engagement rates – you can of course do the math yourself if you want! share as web link The final way to share insights is through our “Web Links” feature. This generates a time-limited secret URL that UK WhatsApp Number List you can share with clients or colleagues so they can browse all the data you see in the insights dashboard without their own Sked login. The people you share with have the same interface you see in Sked, but they don’t have access to anything else in the dashboard. When creating a link, users will only see data for the selected date range. Great for sharing summaries at the end of a campaign or month.


UK WhatsApp Number List

Our Insights web links work brilliantly alongside other features we use with other external stakeholders, such as our brand post-review portal. There you have it! All the insights you need in one organized, clear dashboard to help you determine your social me Home article social media How and why to use Instagram’s paid partners feature How and why to use Instagram’s paid partners UK WhatsApp Number List feature Published: 2021-03-02 If you’ve been following the Instagram app for the past few months, you’ve noticed that using the “Paid Partners” tab on Instagram has increased the number of your favorite influencers. Instagram introduced its paid partnerships feature in 2017 to increase transparency of sponsored posts across the platform. During this time, the Federal Trade.

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