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How do you post on Instagram from your desktop? Since Instagram is. Primarily designed to work with your phone, figuring out how to post to. Instagram Norfolk Island B2B List from the mobile app isn’t difficult. However, it’s almost impossible on your desktop. There used to be a sneaky workaround to post directly. To Instagram on the Instagram site, but it’s no longer reliable. Right now, your best bet is to use some kind. Of online tool that lets you plan and schedule Instagram content right from your desktop. With Sked (formerly Scheduler), you can bulk. Upload and then schedule Instagram posts, comments, and even Instagram. Stories right on your desktop.

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This is an easy way to take a lot of hassle out of the process! To get started, sign up for. A free trial of Sked and click the “Get Started” button on .”Upload Posts” as shown in the image below. Upload Posts – Sked Social 2. How do you build a business profile on Instagram. Making the switch is easy and free! Navigate Norfolk Island B2B List to your. Instagram profile and click the gear icon that appears next to Edit.  Scroll down until you see “Account,” then select the option for “Switch to business profile.” You’ll walk through some prompts that need to be answered before. The switch is complete. Need more information about switching? This Instagram video. Will walk you through it step by step! instagram-faqs-business profile .



Are Instagram Business Profiles Worth It? There are many benefits involved in switching. To an Instagram business profile, including the option for followers. To contact you directly from your bio, the option to run ads, and the option to access. Analytics about your followers. That being said, some people. Have noticed a decrease in engagement after switching (not a big deal though!). It’s worth weighing the pros and cons before. Deciding Norfolk Island B2B List on the best account for you. 4. How do you get. Instagram verified? Instagram awards verified badges. To various celebrities, public figures, and brands. The platform also said that it is currently. Not possible to apply for or even purchase badges for one’s own profile. Really no one has tried and verified it in a real way. Some assert that this requires a large following. But, as this

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