This Goes Beyond Simply Configuring The Privacy


Switching completely to another tool is currently not advisable, because the costs involved extend much further than the actual implementation costs or licensing costs of such a tool alone. After all, you also have to deal with loss of data, the lack of links between, for example, advertising systems and analytics that other software suppliers simply do not have.

And therefore also with a deterioration of insights and therefore potentially less profitable campaigns. NB: from analyzes that we have done for a few larger clients, the estimated costs of a complete switch came to approximately 3 million euros.

Enabling the Trans Atlantic Data Privacy Framework

Ultimately, it remains a trade-off between the implementation and possible divestment costs and the risks, such as the fines. Fines that in that case could theoretically amount to 4% of a group’s worldwide annual turnover, up to a maximum of 20 million Armenia Phone Number euros. We are not talking about passing on a visitor ID, of course, but about much more far-reaching data breaches with more serious consequences for the privacy of large numbers of natural persons.

In practice this is not the case very quickly. In that respect, it is also time to work on ratifying the Trans Atlantic Data Privacy Framework. Because as much as I value my privacy, the recent statements are starting to look more and more like a European smear campaign against tech giant Google, rather than a crusade for the privacy of Europeans.

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