Thinking and Optimization of Wechat Floating Window Function Costa Rica Mobile Number

Space page design is not clear. In the real Costa Rica Mobile Number physical world. In the office you are sitting directly opposite. That is. The z-axis direction may be a computer screen. A book may be on your left. And a glass of water may be on your right. Once you are Costa Rica Mobile Number familiar with the environment. You can determine the location of objects even with your eyes closed. Also in the application. This is a virtual environment we create. In which we express the positional relationship between pages through dynamic design. Taking the following video as an example. We can see the spatial relationship between elements on the page. The top navigation bar of wechat will be fixed and centered in the view for a while.

Design Principles Costa Rica Mobile Number

Scrolling to the right will directly display the article details. Here. The Costa Rica Mobile Number article will be opened directly according to the scene prediction. However. I found the following problems during my use: Sometimes I swipe right for the Costa Rica Mobile Number article details. And sometimes it is the floating window list. The interaction logic here is: if the number of articles is greater than 1. The article will be closed according to whether the article was last browsed. If it is not closed. The next time it is opened. It will be the article details. And vice versa. What I want to express is: I can’t remember the last operation. So it is easy to get confused when I open it next time. And I will think about whether I want to swipe left or right. Dynamic design description :

Add From the Popup Costa Rica Mobile Number

Costa Rica Phone Number List

The upper article is posted on a certain side of the screen (not following the sliding direction of the hand) to shrink.  the article page is obtained by clicking a thumbnail in the lower floating window. So the direction association is performed when zooming. Operation is not as expected. When I open an article on the left side of the floating window list. I swipe right to return to the floating Costa Rica Mobile Number window list page. But the zoom of the article Costa Rica Mobile Number is fixed to the left screen (as in the video above. Depending on whether the preview of the article in the floating window list is to the left or not to the right. The performance is still different). It will cause the object’s behavior not to meet expectations. There are  interactive animations in some official accounts.

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