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This is a further breakdown of your individual posts,engagement type and impressions. The purpose of this section is to help you design content that. Will resonate most with Uganda WhatsApp Number List your audience. The first is Posts . Similar to the posts on. The overview page, you’ll see all Instagram or Facebook posts and their analytics. For this date range Clicking on individual cards can lead to deeper insights Keep scrolling and you’ll see. Engagement.” When you scroll to this section, you’ll see engagement, engagement rate, and engagement graphs over time.

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And engagement type. Engagement type shows your likes, comments and saves by day. Next up is one of the best features – hashtag performance summary. This will analyze your posts based on the hashtags you use in the title and show you a summary Instagram Uganda WhatsApp Number List Post Hashtag Performance Chart Finally, you’ll find impressions. Commission (FTC) began cracking down on influencer posts that did not clarify the paid relationship between influencers and brands. As a result, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is also looking at new ways to deal with sponsored ads that breach the rules.

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The paid partnership feature increases transparency with your audience, provides opportunities for insights, and removes the risk of negative impacts from sponsored posts that keep the away from you. in the text: What is a paid partnership on Instagram? What are the benefits of using the paid partnership feature? How to use paid partners feature on Instagram? What is a paid partnership on Instagram? Paid partnerships on Instagram occur when Uganda WhatsApp Number List an influencer or brand advocate shares a post or story on the platform and is tagged as a business partner in a business account. If applied correctly, the Paid Partners tab will appear on top of images or stories that are typically located in that area.

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