The Upgrade of the Procurement System Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number

Companies have a long history of not paying Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number attention to procurement: Isn’t shopping just about spending money to buy things? Dry purchases have a lot of oil and water. However, Which is poor in fertilizer A person who is a purchaser must have a reliable character. Let your relatives do the shopping Find a way Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number not to get rebates on purchases Purchasing does not understand technology. Buy whatever you need. Just a clerk The “Procurement” mentioned here refers to the procurement of manufacturing enterprises. The so-called procurement refers to a process in which an enterprise obtains products or services from the supply market as enterprise resources under certain conditions to ensure the normal development of production and business activities of the enterprise. Business activities.

Procurement Concept and Classification Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number

People’s understanding of procurement Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number work generally has the following misunderstandings: some people believe that when purchasing. They are keen to fight price wars with suppliers. Keep prices down. However, And regard Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number obtaining the lowest purchasing price as a “Success” of purchasing. This is often a typical misunderstanding in procurement work. Where procurement personnel do this because they ignore the total cost of the procurement. As the saying goes. “What you buy is not what you sell”. The supplier seems to have no room for profit in terms of price. But he will recover the loss through other channels. Such as reducing the quality of materials. Inaccurate delivery time. And declining service levels. Etc. . As a result. Transactions that the purchasers seem to be “Taking advantage of” end up suffering. And even pay a higher price in subsequent use.

Make a Purchase Plan Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number

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Therefore. Procurement personnel should not only pay attention to the unit price. But also pay attention to the total cost of procurement. Some people think that procurement is a “Fat difference”. And to a large extent has the “Power” to choose which supplier. For their own personal gain in the process. This kind Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number of concept and behavior not only violates the professional ethics of procurement. But also exacerbates the risks in procurement. For any company with standardized management. However , The above phenomenon will not be allowed to occur. On the basis of strengthening internal control. The company will always strive to build a procurement team that adheres to ethical standards. So as to prevent “Corruption” in procurement. Phenomenon occurs. Some companies believe that procurement is just about spending money to buy goods.

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