Facebook F8 Conference What’s New for the Social Network

Facebook’s traditional annual conference was held last week, April 30 and May 1, in San José. Its theme was “ A conversation about technology and human connection ”. This event is aimed primarily at developers and entrepreneurs. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, systematically Hong Kong Phone number engages in a keynote. Then, announcements are made to present the new features to come on the social network. As a social media agency, we presented to you a few days ago on the blog. We can already tell you that there is change on the side of messenger for which. Mark Zuckerberg announces a “year of transition”. As for Facebook, the social network will offer a brand new design.

A Redesigned Application for Greater Speed to Ensure a Fast

The Facebook Messenger application has become an essential tool in our daily lives. It now has 1.3 billion active users worldwide. Even if we do not have the figures for France, the fact remains that French users are numerous. To improve their user experience, Facebook has announced a Hong Kong Phone number series of new features on Messenger. To ensure a fast, smooth and simple experience, Facebook decided to completely redesign the Messenger application through the LightSpeed ​​project. Facebook assures that the app will launch in less than two seconds by reducing its size from 70MB to 30MB.

Watch Together Will Be Integrated Into Messenger

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The Watch Together feature may not mean anything to you. In the first place, She had started talking about her last fall when she was discovered in the code of the application. While it is still in the internal testing phase. With watch together, users will be able to watch a video at the same. Time as other members of their circle of Facebook friends. The feature will make it very easy to share videos seen Hong Kong Phone number on Facebook. as a matter of fact Application and then invite friends to watch them on messenger or live on a video chat. Watch Together is still in the testing phase, but will soon be rolling out globally later this year. It goes without saying that this novelty echoes the meteoric rise in the consumption of video content.


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