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[wechat reading] is a reading app based on the Bulgaria Mobile Number wechat relationship chain. With the design concept of reading + social networking. It has carried out a subversive design of reading products. Aiming to create a platform for users to make friends with books – so that reading is not lonely again. As a heavily addicted user of wechat reading. The Bulgaria Mobile Number author has recently extracted 11 marketing methods of [wechat reading] from the “Wechat reading product design analysis report” that is being produced. Combined with dave mcclure’s growth model. El fael’s addiction model and cialdini’s social psychology have been thoroughly dismantled to provide a design reference for product designers.[daily answer] jumping directly from the app to wechat is not only convenient to operate and experience. But also combined with wechat ecological drainage and dissemination to create a reading activity for the whole people to learn and answer questions.

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Form a small closed loop of reading-entertainment. Rob users of time. Improve user retention rate. Enhance user satisfaction and loyalty. And cultivate Bulgaria Mobile Number users to form habits of products. Important way.(1) However, the gameplay of [points] is very rich. Not only can [lottery draw]. [exchange unlimited cards]. [props cards] can also be directly Bulgaria Mobile Number exchanged for books. Providing users with variable prey rewards. (2) enter [daily answers]. Users can choose between [dividing the number of reading days] (with reading time as a temptation) or [book coins] (with money as a temptation) two forms of question and answer; [ranking] is divide into friends ranking and ranking on the whole network. Through the ranking mechanism. Lured by social rewards. Attracts users to actively participate in the question and answer. So as to improve user habits and become loyal fans. (3) taking advantage of scarcity.

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However, The user has only one chance to answer every day. But if the  answer is wrong. He can be resurrected by using the [life extension card] or by inviting friends to answer; after the user fails to pass the level. The user can also pass the [ book coins purchase]. [resurrection by watching ads]. And [invite friends] to play games and resurrect. Through such a variety of. Rich. And gamified answering forms. Users are completely allowed to Bulgaria Mobile Number actively share and spread. Attracting new ones. (4) the design of [question and answer pk] is very innovative. Different from many stand-alone game modes of answering quizzes. Wechat reading adopts the season system of sports competitions. Allowing users to participate as if they are playing games. Each season lasts for 2 months. . Through pk. You will win the season championship. Which is exciting and fun. And makes users completely addicted. 2. Promotion 1. Free book collection 1) functional value

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