The home of writer zhang xiaofeng is a typical buden apartment

Therefore The buden apartment was the most typical taipei apartment in the 1960s and 1980s. Therefore Like the shikumen houses in shanghai.Therefore It was a building type. That responded to the influx of immigrants in. A short period of time. In the era of war. A large number of immigrants who settled in taipei realized. That taiwan would become a hometown from a foreign land. The government demolished the japanese-style houses left by the enemy during the war and urgently built a large number of modern apartments. The apartments built during this period had the element of overcoming difficulties in a hurry.

The home of writer zhang

Xiaofeng is a typical buden apartment. She lives on the fourth floor. From the third floor, she winds all the way to the stairs on the roof. The wall beside the stairs is full of bookshelves. There are nearly a thousand books. Visitors haven’t seen Lithuania Phone Number zhang xiaofeng’s people yet, but they see her book this day, i still remember the strange feeling of walking down this book ladder: walking down the dark and narrow stairs while researching what kind of books the writers about to visit are reading. For a writer who regards reading as his life, exposing the bookshelf in a public space does not mean exposing his inner self? Aren’t you afraid of losing an important book of life?

Taking up the public space

Confidently is a major feature of the residents of the stepeng apartment. In order to use the living area as much as possible, the public space area of ​​bendeng apartments is often reduced to a minimum – the roof of the top floor is covered with illegal construction, the narrow stairs are occupied by the residents, and private furniture such as shoe cabinets that should have been placed indoors are placed without any she shyly confided the secrets of the owner of the house to strangers.what surprised me even more was that zhang xiaofeng’s study was on the balcony. She added glass windows to the balcony, covered the floor with red bricks, and placed tables and chairs to become a study. Except for occasionally driving to the top of the mountain to write manuscripts, zhang xiaofeng almost always nests here to read manuscripts.


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The outdoor balcony. Originally designed the western world to appreciate. The city below and greet. Neighbors and pedestrians. Was installed with iron. Windows residents in taiwan for safety and economic reasons.  And was transformed into. A semi-outdoor and semi-indoor space.  But it also cuts off the opportunity to interact directly with neighboring cities. The buden apartment specifically and slightly catered to the housing needs of the time when immigrants were fickle and not emotionally involved.these balconies with iron windows are the spiritual space of the residents of the buden apartment. An illustrator turned the iron window balcony into a studio. In the middle of the night when his family was asleep, he sat in the iron window to work, and the moonlight shone lightly, turning the iron window into poetic lines on paper. Years later, he created the work “moonlight” based on this theme, which won the international illustration award.

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