The Hangzhou Subway Wayfinding System Is Very Wow Denmark Cell Phone Number

A good design can give users the key information Denmark Cell Phone Number they need most at the moment and help them make decisions. The author of this article takes the “Hangzhou metro guide system” as an example to analyze 11 of the better designs and their inspiration for the b-side design. Let’s take a look. The wayfinding system is widely used in Denmark Cell Phone Number commercial complexes. Public facilities. Office buildings. Urban transportation and other public spaces. It is a visualization system for the interaction between people and the environment. We can understand that the designer helps people to reach his destination through the corresponding visual guidance design. According to the interaction form. We can divide the wayfinding system into static. Dynamic and interactive states: Static: fixed display in the environment (usually posted. Written or printed)


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This kind of guidance system is developed with Denmark Cell Phone Number technologies such as robots and artificial intelligence. For example. When you talk to a robot in a shopping mall. It will give corresponding navigation feedback. According to the different scopes covered by each layer of the wayfinding system. We can divide the wayfinding system into first-level. Second-level and third-level: Level 1: for example. The general plan of the Denmark Cell Phone Number shopping mall. The guide column of the square Level 2: for example. The navigation map of the shopping mall floor (including the corresponding floor plan of each floor) Level 3: for example. Nameplates such as toilets. Service desks. Etc. On each floor The wayfinding system is a complex system. If you want to design a wayfinding system. You must not only understand how the wayfinding system is designed. But also know the real state of the entire wayfinding environment.

Differential Display Denmark Cell Phone Number

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It also needs to have a corresponding cognition to  semiotics and sociology. The wayfinding system is like the navigation in the b-side interface. And the design ideas of the two are similar. Designers must have both a macro perspective and the professional ability to design details. So as to clearly plan the solution of “where am I. Where can I go. And how can I get back” for users. Today. Let’s follow zhiguo to see the good places in the Denmark Cell Phone Number design of the “Hangzhou metro guide system”. The designer considered that the staff inside the door might accidentally hit the passenger walking outside the door after opening the door. So a yellow warning area was framed outside the door and written on it “Do not stand in the area where the door is opened. ‘. Which makes me feel very intimate. When passengers walk to this place.

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