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The image shows the match on Instagram. Image credit: NEMFashion 4. Conduct a customer takeover Similar to employee takeovers, you too can let USA WhatsApp Number List one happy customer take control of your Instagram Stories for the day. Not only will you be engaging with customers who actually take over for you, but you’ll also attract the attention of other followers – their trust in customers is more important than their trust in you. The brand TJ Maxx did exactly that in the Maxx 50 Challenge.

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They gave various followers agift card, then sent them out to see how much they could buy at their recorded it at the same time for TJ Maxx’s Instagram Stories. It’s the perfect balance of promoting your own brand while creating engaging content. This time it’s USA WhatsApp Number List another example of customers taking over Instagram. Image Credit: TJ Maxx 5. Share how to make Likewise, people like the feeling of getting exclusive content for themselves, and given its urgent nature, Instagram Stories is the perfect place to do that. Why not give users a glimpse of how things are made? Whether it’s how to make your own product.

USA WhatsApp Number List

They always post stories (even save them to Highlights!) teaching followers how to create everything from scratch to macarons. This image shows a tutorial-based Instagram story idea. Image credit: Etsy 6. Share behind the scenes Have a sweet office or desk that you’re USA WhatsApp Number List proud of? Are you visiting the factory where the product is made? Let your followers know how to get work done in the background. Giving this insider eye can create a more personal connection with all of your followers when social media can sometimes be out of place. Interior design brand The Re-Vision did just that on their Instagram Stories.

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