The first half of the film mainly describes Wen Huigang’s experience

1996, a Vietnamese girl named Wen Hui (played by Annie Ruan) married to Taiwan. She Kazakhstan Phone Number thought she was going to the.

“Island of Wealth” to get rid of her childhood under the war,her own way in a foreign land.

In 2015, Qiu Lan (played by Ruan Qiuheng), a detective who graduated from the Chinese Department and to establish relationships with sisters who were also from .

Vietnam due to the company’s business needs

The past process of investigating the case, also allowed the.S

ituation of the residents in Taiwan to be presented to the audience through his perspective.

Over the course of Vietnamese women, and also brings out the little people beside the protagonist.

Kazakhstan Phone Number

Events in the past 20 years with Taiwan

Asian Film Festival main competition film, and will be released this week on 22 Official release date.

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