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The first ad grabs attention. Top Emotions for Ad Copy Domination. AFFIRMATION Back to my process. The client I wrote this next set of ads for is a plus size fashion retailer, so the target market is plus size women. The character I wanted to take here was the feel-good friend. Ecuador Phone Number. Here is the ad that was initially shown in the account, before the test. It was pretty generic. This ad has always had a pretty good click-through rate, so we never played with it too much. Ecuador Phone Number.  Affirmation of Emotional Ads I decided to run two ads to run simultaneously with the original ad.

Attention Top Emotions for Ad Ecuador Phone Number

One was an advertisement that aimed to flatter the user. Emotional Advertising Affirmation I was biased in favor of this ad and wanted it to perform well, but actually it didn’t do very well, as it was a bit off topic from the main product – clothes. Here is the other ad I placed in the Ecuador Phone Number rotation: Emotional Advertising Affirmation This ad was the clear winner of the three. Hitting users with the 1-2 punch of flattery and promotional details is key. We can always make the user feel good about themselves, while letting them know a sale is on the way. CTR of emotional ads by ad type Top Emotions for Ad Copy Domination.

Copy Domination. Affirmation Back to Ecuador Phone Number

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FEAR I have a client who specializes in breast cancer screening services. I wanted this client to succeed, not just for my bonus, but because it’s something I really care about. Ecuador Phone Number. Here’s the ad they were playing when they came on board as a customer: Emotional Ads Suck This ad is unconvincing because we’ve all heard that saying (“early detection saves lives”) so many times. This saying no longer inspires a woman to act, because it has become too cliché. I paused this ad and replaced it with 2 new ones, pictured below. Ecuador Phone Number. POSITIVITY Positivity announcement for emotional ads NEGATIVITY Ad Negativity of

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