The Double Standard of Reputation Crises in the Face of

When a few years ago a collapse in a building in bangladesh made clear the conditions under which clothes.  The end companies for whom those parts were being made faced a serious reputational problem. Suddenly they were facing a communication crisis of great dimensions and one of reputation with tremendous effects for their image. The affected fashion industry companies had to react to the news and act. They signed security agreements, launched compensation, they were different manufacturing plans… They had to put themselves under the spotlight and act.

It Was as if in the List of Brands Affected by the Scandal

All the companies that were affected by the reputation crisis, not all were affected in the same. Ways and not all made the same headlines. Primark, for example, was the one that recurrently appeared in stories about the building. That used the services of the third party that manufactured the parts. It was as if, in the list of brands affected by the scandal. Separate listings had been made. The Ghana Phone number Bangladesh tragedy made plenty of headlines and was hard for consumers to ignore but, overall. The dirty laundry of the fashion industry is much more visible. Than that of other industries that also manufacture under questionable conditions.

A Chinese Technology Factory Has Seen a Wave of Suicides

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That’s one of the most visible scandals in tech manufacturing, but not the only one. The manufacture of products has, for example, a brutal impact on the environment. As does the rapid rate of replacement of devices, but this does not usually feature. As much information in the general press as it does with fashion. What happens with one and the other is not exactly the same. Reputation crises can start from the same point, but the severity and the importance that consumers give to things are different. There is a double standard in reputation or perhaps much more than a double standard.

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