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Also, while there are many great editing apps available for mobile devices, when running on. The desktop, you can choose to use other image creation tools. If you haven’t tried it yet, using Sked Social’s (formerly Timeline) Canva integration. On your desktop is a great way to create custom quote images. And graphics New Zealand Phone Number List that will differentiate your feed from your. Competitors (it can even Provides you with the perfect Instagram-sized template to use!). If you’re not already using our Canva integration, follow the quick tutorial in this article that will teach you how to add inspirational quotes to your images. For example,

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If you do plan to put your phone down and start creating images on your desktop, you need to know what image size you should be using. According to Buffer, this is the size you should stick with: Square image: 1080 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high Vertical image: 1080 pixels wide, 1350 pixels high Horizontal New Zealand Phone Number List image: 1080 pixels wide, 566 pixels high Instagram Marketing Tip Schedule Your Content Does this situation sound familiar? According to your content calendar, you should post some content to your Instagram account today. But there’s just one big problem: you don’t have anything to post.

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This leads to a frantic sprint to piece something together – often to something that ends up being mediocre. Do you want to avoid stressful time crunch? sure. That’s why New Zealand Phone Number List using an Instagram scheduler that can automatically post your content, like Sked Social, is so useful. Using a scheduling tool for your Instagram account can help you stick to that social media golden rule: keep posting. “The best Instagram post frequency is the one you can post consistently for the rest of your natural life,” Neil Patel said of the importance of consistency in a Forbes article.

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