Companies Bet More Experiential Marketing That Makes Experiential

It is better to live it than tell it: that is the essence that makes experiential marketing work. Instead of selling something to consumers and instead of trying to convince them of some reality or some principle. They discover themselves living it. Experiential marketing also has greater potential in terms of attractiveness and also has a greater hook when. It comes to getting consumers Austria Phone number  share that information. That is, it is much easier for consumers to talk about. The brand and what they have just experienced on social networks or in a more ‘human’ way with their. Friends and acquaintances if they live one of these experiences than if they simply receive. The message in question like a traditional ad. In a market where companies are finding it increasingly difficult to capture the attention of their consumers. This is too valuable an asset to pass up.

In the B2b Market, the Data Is Clear Companies Are Betting

In the b2b market, the data is clear: companies are getting more and more on this type of action, as a study by agencyea has just shown. According to the data obtained, 67% of marketing managers of b2b companies. Plan to increase experiential marketing budgets in the next year and a half. Something that exceeds the data that was achieved in the previous year. 92% of those surveyed also Austria Phone number believe that bringing together events and experiences and giving them. Weight in sales and marketing will become key to making their campaigns a success. Even though proving the roi of these actions is still too difficult. Specifically, those surveyed believe that the budget for experiential. Marketing will grow by 24% in the future period that the study analyzes.

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yes, as they remember in the conclusions of the study, not all the mountain is oregano. In order to achieve results, you should not use this marketing tool simply because it is fashionable and you should not get carried away by what others are doing. It is necessary to understand what goods Austria Phone number report to the company and also who is the target audience, to outline what is done. not only business But the truth is that experiential marketing is not only growing in the business market. In the consumer sector, where it had been operating successfully for some time, it is also seeing an upward trend. A British study, the IPA Bellwether Report, indicated that in the last quarter of 2018 the budgets in this field had risen by 5.5% in general.

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