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Teach your followers something Remember when we talked about using Instagram Stories to show your followers how to make stuff? That’s not the only thing you can teach – in fact, you Lithuania WhatsApp Number List can use Instagram Stories to teach your followers almost anything. You can show them how to use your product more effectively, how to write code snippets, or even how to teach their dog to reach 5 years old. The options are virtually endless. It’s also a great place to explore with IGTV – especially if you need to teach more than just a 15-second summary.

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instagram stories teaching followers stuff Image credit: Mayaelious another example? SELF Magazine has a segment dedicated to IGTV teaching their followers how to make their own DIY cold brew coffee. Another example of a tutorial-based story idea. Image credit: SELF Magazine 9. Ask for advice Do you have a Lithuania WhatsApp Number List problem to solve? Need advice on new features or product releases? Wondering which logo is better? Wondering what type of content people want to see from your account? You can use Instagram Stories to ask your followers for your insight and input.

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As for how you collect their answers, you can ask them to respond to your story via direct messages with their suggestions, instruct them to leave their answers in a recent photo, or even use Instagram Story’s polls feature (more content, see next tip!) Easily collect responses. Another example of question-based content on Lithuania WhatsApp Number List Instagram. Image credit: Abhishek Iyer 10. Poll your followers We’ve already mentioned Instagram’s polls feature, which is a great way to get general feedback from your followers. As with any other poll, respondents click one of two options to submit their answers. You can use this feature in a number

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