Ten Years After the Birth of Wechat Moments Chile Mobile Number

With the growing size of wechat. Users’ requirements for Chile Mobile Number moments are getting higher and higher: I don’t want strangers to see my moments. Cancel notifications of likes and comments from common friends. Send more than 10s videos. Etc. . The author of this article starts from the official data released by wechat. And analyzes how to Chile Mobile Number find a balance between personalization and popularization in wechat. Which has a huge user of 1.2 billion? Let’s take a look together. Today. Wechat qr codes have replaced personal business cards and become a new social channel. Over time. The wechat account has become a giant ship carrying hundreds or even thousands of people. The motivation behind sending a circle of friends is also closely related to the complex relationship between people. Anthropologist dunbar believes that the number of people whose intelligence allows humans to have a stable social network is 148. Rounding up to about 150. The tenth anniversary of wechat moments.

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Source: moments official It is undeniable that the Chile Mobile Number circle of friends has connected a generation of cyberspace for ten years. However. When there are too many “Uninvited guests” in the wechat relationship. “Close the circle of friends” and “Only visible for three days” have become the most convenient buttons. The decline in user activity Chile Mobile Number also reflects the current predicament of wechat: how to find a balance between personalization and popularization when it has a huge user base of 1.2 billion? 1. I post 10 moments a day. I was blocked by my friends At the beginning of this year. Wechat moments supported the posting of 20 pictures at a time. And once more than 9 pictures were uploaded. A video would be automatically generated. However. This change did not cause too much water.

The Circle of Friends Chile Mobile Number

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And the information flow of the circle of friends still Chile Mobile Number maintained the formation of pictures and texts. Going back 10 years ago. The emergence of wechat moments defeated a number of photo social platforms. And for a while. The chinese version of “Instagram” announced its collapse. At that time. The number of wechat users exceeded 200 million. Which greatly promoted the popularity of acquaintance social networking. Users can “Cloud travel” in the Chile Mobile Number circle of friends. Feel the atmosphere of the concert scene. And also can be used as a vent for emotions… Yanan is an active user in moments. On average. She sends more than 3 pieces of content every day. And the highest record is 10 pieces of content a day. Due to too frequent posting of news. Ya nan was also blacklisted by some acquaintances in the circle of friends. Looking through yanan’s circle of friends. Ten years ago. She was still swiping for idols. The refined pictures of jiugongge and a large piece of copywriting of rainbow farts were the most real state in junior high school. Until idols “Collapsed”. The record in the circle of friends is still there.

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