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Today. I will continue to tell you about the Belarus Mobile Number design ideas of interactive solutions. You will find that it is actually much harder to do interaction design than ui design. So why is interaction design more difficult? Because ui design is equivalent to going from 0.5 to 1. And interaction is from 0 to 1. But it does not mean that the ui is lower than the Belarus Mobile Number interaction level. The interaction focuses on logic. And the ui focuses on the performance of the brand and texture. There is no better or worse. ). Interaction design often finds a sense of achievement because the process or some innovative interactions designed by itself can be praised by users and improve business data . In this regard. The perception of achievement in ui design will not be obvious enough. Because the visual performance is very high. It is difficult to quantify . And users can only express it by looking good or not. Therefore.

How to Post Recipes Belarus Mobile Number

Designers also hope to find their own sense of Belarus Mobile Number achievement through some methods. For example. We will also choose some platforms to publish our own visual creativity to gain recognition from peers. Etc. Wait. So today. Let’s talk about an interactive case to see what needs to be considered from “Material” to concrete Belarus Mobile Number performance. Of course. Learning cases is to expand our knowledge. But if we want to really learn. We have to start from the bottom. First of all . Let’s talk about the function of publishing recipes : a gourmet product needs to design a process for users to create recipes by themselves. Based on this concept. How can we design the process. We all know that business design is inseparable from business. So here we will not consider so much.

Publishing Recipes Belarus Mobile Number

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But only consider how to make process design the Belarus Mobile Number most efficient. And then add business when necessary. In real work. The product manager will clearly list the functions and information points to be included in this process. But we are now designing it from 0 to 1 ourselves. The basic introduction of the recipe can include the Belarus Mobile Number cover of the recipe. The name of the recipe. The introduction of the recipe. The difficulty. Time. And ingredients . And the production process of the recipe can include the required pictures and text descriptions . However. The granularity here is different. Such as the difficulty and time granularity are small. But we can continue to refine and expand the ingredients: the name of the ingredient and the amount of use. Other editing options of the recipe. Such as the taste of the dish. The category of the cuisine. Editing this option is to help other users find the recipe faster when filtering and classifying the cuisine.

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