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How to design a product for the elderly and left-behind Finland Mobile Number children in rural areas. How to make it full of warmth? This article introduces how the “Warm heart station”. A product designed for the elderly and left-behind children in rural areas. Implements the purpose of “Using warm design to create warm products”. Let’s take a look! Therefore, This article will Finland Mobile Number introduce how to use a warm design to practice a warm project. Which is divided into preface. Project background. Design ideas. Visual presentation. Online feedback and design reflection. When it comes to “The temperature of design”. We have to mention the “Emotional design” that we often talk about. Donald norman. An american cognitive psychologist who proposed this concept. Disassembled design into three levels: instinct level. Behavior level. Reflection layer.

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Let users who use the platform have “Warmth”. And let the Finland Mobile Number people behind the project feel the “Warmth”. Because. The project described next is a very “Warm” project – using internet tools to warm the poor and gloomy in the society. Using internet thinking to help the rural orphaned elderly and left-behind children in society. However, Using warm design to practice a warm project. With the rapid social and economic development of our country. The young Finland Mobile Number and middle-aged labor force from rural areas has moved to cities. Therefore, The trend of population aging has intensified and the family structure has evolved. And there are more and more “Hollow villages”. Elder”. According to statistics. There are more than 30 million elderly living alone and empty nesters in rural areas. And nearly 20 million left-behind children. Lonely and widowed elderly

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Therefore, Material difficulties and lack of care; while left-behind children  are prone to many physical and psychological problems due to lack of parental supervision and companionship. These two groups constitute the population structure of our country. However, One is the flowers and hope of the future. And the other is the twilight old people who have been Finland Mobile Number shining brightly. They need care and protection. And they need a “Warm” bridge to support the blue sky and grow up healthily for the left-behind children; provide warmth and enjoyment for the elderly. Based on the social status quo and fulfilling social responsibilities. Tencent’s platform for the village. Together with the china social welfare foundation and the tencent charity foundation. Envisages building an online and offline platform to establish a “Warm heart station for the village”. Based on the rural communities in

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