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their suggestions, instruct them to leave their answers in a recent photo, or even use Instagram Story’s polls feature (more content, see next tip!) Easily collect responses. Another example of question-based content on Instagram. Image credit: Abhishek Iyer 10. Poll your followers We’ve already mentioned Instagram’s polls feature, which is a great way to get general feedback from your followers. As with any other poll, respondents click one of two options to submit their answers. You can use this feature in a number of different ways. Let your followers

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Take tips from The Everygirl and make your own branded templates to share with your existing followers. It will attract your current followers while also getting your account in front of new friends. Instagram stories using templates. Image source: Social Report 13. Share your location In Instagram Stories, you Georgia WhatsApp Number List can use a variety of fun filters and stickers. Should you be sure to checkout? location label. Adding it to your story is easy. Start your story and click the smiley icon in the upper right corner. Scrolling down until you find the Locations tab gives you the option to view nearby locations or search for a specific location.

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An example of location-based content. Image credit: Brenda Discovery 14. Offer a sneak peek a We’re already talking about the fact that people like to feel like they’re getting some kind of special access. Take advantage of this by offering exclusive content on your Instagram Stories. Maybe you’re taking a quick look at a new product you’re developing.

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