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You can find a breakdown of your followers by location and time zone. This will help you determine the best times for your followers to post.  You’ll see the percentage of men and women among your followers and a breakdown of age demographics. Behavior graphs profile visits and website clicks. Then comes the best Switzerland WhatsApp Number List part of the audience : the best time to post. Sked tells you when your followers are online and determines. The best time for you to post. Of course, the best time to post may vary depending on the type of content. Relevant events, and when you will be able to be online. And engage when you set up your Sked queue, the best post times are automatically loaded and recommended for you – it’s a great way to easily adjust your post times.

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And when changing the best post times for your audience, No need to edit each post manually. Story How is your story going? The next tab in our new analysis gives. You an in-depth look at your Instagram Stories. Unfortunately, Facebook does not currently provide data. On Facebook Page Stories, so this section only Switzerland WhatsApp Number List applies to Instagram. Select your time period again and you’ll see the average impressions. Sked Social wraps up Instagram Stories insights You’ll also get the total number of stories for the period, the percentage of pictures to video, and a breakdown of performances by story type. Under Story Actions, you can find details on how many people answered your story, tap forward.


Switzerland WhatsApp Number List


Or exit immediately. Use this method to determine how your story develops: Instagram Stories Analysis Trends Issues to consider include: Do I see weekly changes in key metrics (impressions, reach, completion rates, replies) Is there a difference between photo stories and video stories (for example, above, you can see that videos perform better in terms of impressions!) How many stories will I publish regularly? Finally, Detailed Story Insights puts all your Switzerland WhatsApp Number List useful data into one organized chart. Detailed Instagram Stories analysis by Sked Social Use this data to see how specific content is performing on a story-by-story basis. Which are the standout features? Have you consistently performed well Competitor tracking and analysis On our basic plan and above, you can also add competitors to track their performance and compare them to your.

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