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By the way, Sked can help you! Consistency places a huge burden on users and Instagram’s algorithm, and it’s worth considering starting a regular series on your Instagram Stories. Let’s take Bustle as an example. We’ve already talked about their “Be My Guest” series, where various people take their followers to visit their homes. They also have their “Beauty Call” line, where two Bustle employees introduce different beauty products. Think about the series you can start with your own account. It will keep your followers coming back more often while also keeping you on a more consistent posting schedule. The first image in a series of content.

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Image Credit: Hustle 17. Leverage Your Story Points While the whole concept of Instagram Stories is built on the fact that it disappears after 24 hours, there are still some things you want your followers to easily access. Fortunately, you can do that by adding curated Instagram Stories to your highlights. To save a story, all you Greece WhatsApp Number List need to do is view your own Instagram story and tap the “Highlight” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can use this story as a new highlight or add it to an existing story. Voila! These clips will be categorized and displayed at the top of your profile, so anyone can access them when needed. A simple Instagram story idea that shows the main points.

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Image credit: Color Story With the introduction of IGTV, you can now also have IGTV segments as highlighted sections, just like The Dodo does with its highlighted sections. Another example based on highlighted content. Image credit: Dodo Ready to create your Instagram Story idea? Obviously, there are a number of ways you can use Instagram Stories to promote yourself or your brand on Instagram. However, figuring out what you should be posting here can be challenging. If you need some creative inspiration, use one (or a few!) Instagram Story ideas we’ve rounded up above, and you’re sure to keep your Instagram Stories out of the park.

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