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Forbes article points out, even that doesn’t guarantee you the coveted blue checkmark. At this point, it’s just a gamble. 5. How many times a day. Should I post to Instagram? Depending on your unique goals and audience. The frequency with which you post on Instagram can vary greatly. However, if you’re just looking Northern Mariana Islands B2B List for some numbers. To say hello, we think posting at least three articles. Per week is a good place to start. 6. How to take better photos for Instagram.The great thing about Instagram is that you don’t need to. Be a professional photographer to take great photos! Even simple steps like learning some photography basics. Planning aesthetics for your account, and using some. Other editing tools can help you take your photos to the next level.

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How does the Instagram algorithm work? Instagram recently lifted the curtain on its algorithm, which, according to information the platform shared with journalists, takes into account three last time the information was Northern Mariana Islands B2B List shared. Instagram will take precedence over newer posts. Interest: The level of interest in the post by followers based on what Instagram knows about a particular person. Relationship: How close the follower is to the account, and accounts with which the follower has frequently interacted in the past are ranked higher.


In this helpful article, we will explore the Instagram algorithm further. 8. What is an Instagram shadowban? When people saw a lack of engagement on their accounts, they were quick to point the finger at so-called “shadow bans.” It is believed that Instagram hid its own posts from followers’ feeds as a Northern Mariana Islands B2B List punishment for posting too frequently and for a range of other so-called falsehoods. Since then, Instagram has confirmed there is no such thing as a shadow ban. 9. Do I need an Instagram marketing strategy? If you don’t just use Instagram personally, but are aiming for the broader goals of your own brand or business, then absolutely, we

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