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Product manager: guaranteed efficiency! I started prototyping Iran Mobile Number right away. Then reviewed it internally. And then moved forward with development. At this time. Some product managers are eager to perform and need to quickly implement the requirements. The first reaction is to start implementation. So there is often a situation where product Iran Mobile Number managers work very hard to restore the requirements or ideas 100%. But the result is after the boss or user experience. It is found that this is not the function I want. The reason for this is that the product manager did not understand the motivation and purpose behind this demand . Which is a problem that many small partners are prone to. And saas product design. Not only focus on the design. Before that. We should pay more attention to the definition of the product.

Ambiguity in Saas Product Cognition Iran Mobile Number

We need to figure out what the scene corresponding to this Iran Mobile Number demand is and what the demand value in the scene is. Only after that is the structured framework to design the functions. Now. Let’s enter the text essence of the work of a saas product manager is a process from divergence to convergence. Divergence refers to the Iran Mobile Number definition of the product. And convergence refers to the design of the product. But often many product managers start to converge and start to draw prototypes. Better product managers may first think about the scope and scope of the impact of this function. Finally. A brain map is sorted out. And this brain map is used to touch the development. However. In addition to converging at the beginning. A good product manager needs our thinking to diverge first. And the final product defines what the value of this scenario corresponds to.

Industry Model Iran Mobile Number

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They often encounter problems that they do not know  how to follow the trends of the industry and do not know how to do business research. The lack of business understanding also directly affects the corresponding output. At this time. Product solutions designe base on business understanding will also be complaine about. And they Iran Mobile Number do not understand business. I believe The reason for the above three scenarios is that saas products have very strong business barriers. So product managers in different industries will be interlaced like mountains. And product design does not know the pain points and difficulties of specific scenarios. Secondly. The business process of saas products is more complex. And seemingly simple functions will involve multiple roles .Therefore. The next article will also share the corresponding product methodology with you around these three scenarios.

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