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For companies with more business. The organizational Colombia Mobile Number structure is relatively complex. At this time. The authority structure of the platform is particularly important. The author of this article shared the content of the authority Colombia Mobile Number structure of the saas platform. And introduced in detail different operating scenarios. If you are intereste. Let’s learn about it. And I hope it will help you. First. The organizational structure to solve data rights In the actual operation scenario. A slightly larger company has a relatively complex organizational structure and many levels. And the data requirements to be seen by nodes at each level are different. So the data of nodes at different levels should be isolate. For example. If the organizational structure of a catering company is as follows.

The Data of This Level Colombia Mobile Number

The general manager of the branch should see the Colombia Mobile Number data of all the subordinate areas. And the regional manager of chaoyang district should see the data of all the subordinate stores. The store manager needs to see all the data in the store. Therefore. It is necessary to introduce an organizational structure into the platform account Colombia Mobile Number permissions. The account is directly associate with the organizational structure. And which level of data is seen at which level. And the multi-level data is isolate through the organizational structure. Generally speaking. When the account is associated with the organizational structure. It is necessary to determine which node the data of the down position is accurate to. Whether it is the data of this node and its subordinate nodes. Or only the data of this node.

That Manage Different Levels Colombia Mobile Number

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There are also cases where data is viewe  across levels. There are the following five scenarios: 1) scenario 1: the account can see this level and subordinate data. When you create an account. You need to choose which level the account belongs to. And you can see all the data at the current level and below. For example. Account 1 Colombia Mobile Number can see all the data of the beijing branch and its subordinate nodes. This is a commonly use data permission. At the same time. The account cannot see the data of the upper-level organizational structure node. For example. If account 2 belongs to the node of chaoyang district. It cannot see the data belonging to the beijing branch. 2) scenario 2: the account can only see the data of this level. The data authority needs to be further refine.

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