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Homepage Articles Marketing 3 Tips for Ranking in Featured Snippet (AKA Position Zero) 3 Tips for Ranking in the Featured Snippet (AKA Position Zero) Posted: 2020-12-18 It was the great Pete Meyers, better known as Dr. Uruguay Phone Number.  Pete, who made me think of Google’s Featured Snippet as “Position Zero” back at Mozcon this summer. This is because sometimes Google presents your content in the snippet even if you are not in position 1 . Uruguay Phone Number.  It’s like skipping a year in school, but on the SERP!

The article Is Featured Featured Uruguay Phone Number

In regular organic results, after the. Google Support result: google answer box tricks Some might say that the snippet is just stealing traffic from you – because users get the answer right on the SERP. But in fact, this article is getting more and more organic traffic over time (we published it in May): reply box traffic I think there’s a good reason why people click to Uruguay Phone Number on it, which I’ll explain below along with more tips on how to get your own content ranking in position zero. Note: I’m not going to go into too much technical detail behind the answer box. If you want to know more about the patent(s), Bill Slawski is your guy.

Snippet Area Even Though It Rank Uruguay Phone Number

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You can find some interesting data on answer boxes (like the percentage of queries that trigger them) via CognitiveSEO and of course Pete at Moz. Uruguay Phone Number.  If you want to use Schema and structured data to improve your chances of hitting the featured snippet, check out AJ Kohn’s advice on optimizing Knowledge Graph. (More on the scheme here.) Uruguay Phone Number.  For this article, I’ll focus on tricks that relate to: Content Strategy Research and selection of keywords Optimizing keywords in your content Here we go. C

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