Reconstructing B-side New House Information Online Belize Mobile Number

As we all know.   has been deeply involved in the Belize Mobile Number second-hand housing business for many years. And both offline service system and online product tools are at the top level in the industry. However. Compared with the second-hand business. There is still a big gap in the overall development of the new house business. And some business processes are still under construction. Focusing on the operating tools of brokers. The product Belize Mobile Number experience of second-hand and new houses is also very different. And the problem of the housing module is particularly prominent. If the second-hand housing product experience is 80 points. The new house may only have 20 points. The house listing is the most important job module of the new house broker. And it has the highest contribution weight in product satisfaction. But the satisfaction is low. So its experience problem needs to be solved urgently. For a long time.

 Online New House Information Belize Mobile Number

The poor quality is due to the lack of manpower and slow Belize Mobile Number product iteration in the previous construction of new houses. Which cannot meet the needs of urban business development. In order to ensure their own development. Cities have used more flexible third-party tools to transmit new housing information. In the first half of 2021. With the Belize Mobile Number progress of the project “New house basic information construction”. The quality of new house information is steadily improving. And cities are also finding many problems in the use of third-party tools. Good opportunity. As part of the online ization of new house information. The new house listing details page plays the role of information presentation. A good presentation method can help brokers to better consume information and allow brokers to recognize the products and services of the platform. At the same time.

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Starting from user scenarios: reconstructing b-side new  house information online before the revision. The new house details page inherited the page structure of the second-hand house details page. But due to different business scenarios. The current information organization method is not suitable for the work scenario of new Belize Mobile Number house brokers. In addition. In the past year. Without overall planning. The details page has successively connected to the new content modules of “Fighting each other”. The problem of information redundancy and confusion has gradually appeared on the new house details page. Which directly affects the efficiency and readability of the information. For example. In the new house business. The pictures of the listings are generally renderings. And the listings cannot be identified by pictures like the second-hand houses.

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