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As you’ve heard, Quality Score is a secret concoction of past performance, ad content relevance, overall account quality, landing page relevance, keyword relevance, and click-through rate. Cyprus Phone Number. But here’s the hack: Click-through rate is the most powerful thing you can focus on when trying to improve your Quality Score. Emotional Ads Quality Score Impression Share increases or decreases by 9% for every 1 point increase or decrease in Quality Score. So basically, if you don’t have a good QS, your ads won’t show up much on the SERP. Cyprus Phone Number.  What’s the point of creating ads that no one will see? Impression share of emotional ads You also need a good quality score to get your clicks for as cheap as possible.

Secret Concoction of Past Cyprus Phone Number

Having a score of 10 reduces your cost per click by 50% on average. By having a lower Quality Score, you will vastly overpay for your clicks, sometimes even 400% more than face value. Impact of Emotional Ads Quality Score on CPC Many people believe that dynamic keyword to Cyprus Phone Number insertion produces the best ads. This is an incorrect assumption. Dynamic keyword insertion works. Dynamic emotional ad keyword insertion But dynamic keyword insertion doesn’t put your ad in the top 1% – the ads that really grab people’s attention and generate really high CTRs. Emotions do that! Emotional ads insertion of relative dynamic keywords So to recap why we need good emotional ads.

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Good ads lead to higher click-through rates which earn you a higher Quality Score and therefore.Cyprus Phone Number.  cheaper clicks. Why Emotional Ads Work So Well Now let’s talk about science for a hot second. There are two main parts of the brain that drive our actions: the frontal lobe and the limbic system. The frontal lobe is shown below in pink. It is the “logical brain” and is associated with our reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement and problem solving.Cyprus Phone Number. The limbic system is the “emotional brain”. This is where our intuition, subjectivity and emotions take over. Logic of Emotional vs Emotional Ads

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