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However, The prescriptions issue by physicians for patients Czech Republic Mobile Number during diagnosis and treatment activities generally need to be reviewe by professionals. So what is the process of prescription review? What business processes are include? Let’s take a look together. Prescription review refers to pharmacy technical services in which pharmacy professional technicians review the prescriptions issued by physicians for patients during diagnosis and treatment Czech Republic Mobile Number activities in accordance with relevant laws. However, Regulations. Rules and regulations. Technical specifications. Etc. So what exactly does prescription review involve? What is the review process like? What relevant and indispensable business scenarios can we sort out from these rules when designing related systems? This article will introduce the policy content. Review process and business scenarios involved in prescription review.

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I have consulted with friends who work in the hospital. Some Czech Republic Mobile Number hospitals still pass the pharmacist’s prescription review when dispensing the drug. If there is a problem with the prescription review. However, The patient payment business Czech Republic Mobile Number will occur when the prescription is returne. Which is relatively troublesome. With the promotion of the policy. Such a situation should be gradually optimize. Prescription reviewers (pharmacists) should have obtained the professional qualifications of pharmacists or above. And should have 3 years or more of work experience in outpatient and emergency or ward prescription dispensing. And have received professional knowledge training for the corresponding positions in prescription review and passed the assessment. The pharmacist is the first person in charge of the prescription review work. And the medical institution can assist the pharmacist to carry out the prescription review through the relevant information system.

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However, The unreasonable prescriptions screened by the Czech Republic Mobile Number information system and the parts that cannot be reviewed by the information system should be reviewed manually by pharmacists. The pharmacist assists the audit through the information system. And there is a certain risk. The electronic signature is also required for the Czech Republic Mobile Number audit through the information system. If the system fails and causes an accident. The pharmacist shall bear the responsibility. This is also the result obtained after consultation. And the actual situation should be determined by the hospital’s regulations. If the pharmacist finds that the prescription is unreasonable. He should inform the prescribing physician in time. Legality review: review the relevant qualifications of the prescriber. Such as: whether to obtain the doctor’s qualification and practice registration; whether to obtain the right to prescribe at the practice site;

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