Overview of Enterprise Architecture Brazil Mobile Number

However, Only valuable things are worth our time and energy. Why is Brazil Mobile Number enterprise architecture worth our time and energy to learn? Mainly for the following two reasons: Enterprise architecture can assist enterprises to complete Brazil Mobile Number business and it strategic planning. In terms of business strategy . Similarly, Organizational structure. Functions and roles of the enterprise; in terms of it strategy . It defines business architecture. Data architecture. Application architecture and technical architecture. Similarly, Which is the basis of it strategic planning guidelines for best practice. Enterprise architecture is the bridge and standard interface to undertake the business strategy and it strategy of the enterprise. And is the core of enterprise information planning. Contributes to the healthy and long-term development of careers. Such as becoming a cio. A cio supports the company’s goals by directing the use of information technology. Has knowledge of both technology and business processes.

Practical Strategy Brazil Mobile Number

Ba (business architecture. Business architecture). Da (data architecture. Data architecture). Aa (applications architecture. Application architecture). Ta (technology architecture. Technical architecture). Strategy is the company’s high-level Brazil Mobile Number design. But it is the needs of business architects The business architect’s work is “Strategy in. Business architecture out” Business architecture is the design of business architects. But it is the needs of data. Application. And technical architects Interlocking. The upper layer drives the Brazil Mobile Number  lower layer. And the lower layer supports the upper layer. However, The main points of implementation are to nail it to the post (left side). To the document (right side). And to work packages such as institutional adjustment. Technical procurement. Similarly, And project research and development. There are mainly the following parts: Strategy: led by the company’s management. Supported by the planning and development department throughout the process.

Project Approval Stage Brazil Mobile Number

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However, The business architect in the architect team of the Brazil Mobile Number  information technology department is responsible for the output: “Business architecture book” Scheme structure: the architect team of the information technology department is responsible for the output: “Technical scheme” Architecture roadmap: involves budget. Ci0 leads  development. Board approves. Output: architecture roadmap Implementation plan: Similarly,  cio led development. Output: implementation plan Project management and control: the pmo is responsible for the r&d projects. And the general manager’s office for the purchased projects It needs to be added here that the implementation plan is not just a plan from “Architecture blueprint to r&d”. But also from “Architecture blueprint to all aspects of it and non-it”. It: what are all the “It capabilities” required to support the business architecture blueprint? Is the project r&d or purchase? Identify technical procurement work packages and personnel training work packages accordingly.

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