Will the Social Network Integrate Advertising on Its Platform

In recent months, TikTok has been gaining momentum in the world of social networks. Indeed, the one who overshadows Snapchat has understood how to create a place among the biggest social networks. Recently arrived in this world, TikTok is currently talking about him. Also, rumors are circulating that the network is also deciding to integrate advertising on its platform. Ads spotted by users Did you think TikTok was still the only ad-free social network? Well, that era is over. Indeed, for some time, users have noticed the presence of “skipable” advertisements. In other words, the advertisements that appear on your smartphone screen when you open the application may be interrupted.

Ads Spotted by Users Did You Think Tiktok Was Still the Only

The first to have spoken on this subject is called Chris Harihar. Thanks to his profession in the world of communication. He also shared his find in a tweet to share with his community: through this advertisement. We note that the social network tiktok is inspired by the advertising format of its competitors. Snapchat and Instagram, in particular with the “swipe up” option to China Phone number access the download of the application. Is the social network on the way to monetization? Indeed, with the appearance of advertisements on its social network, users are not without asking the question of monetization.

Is the Social Network on the Way to Monetization

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Teenagers make up a big chunk of the 150 million users. Therefore, it would be very interesting for your company to deploy advertising. Strategy on this social network if your target corresponds to tiktok users. It would not be indecent for tiktok to want to monetize. Their social network because of the enthusiasm of users on the platform. This type of vertical advertising can then be the first way to familiarize users with the monetization of the application. Nevertheless, the network will have to be meticulous in integrating advertising so as not to disappoint users. Conclusion If you are a business, our Social Media experts advise you to stay attentive.


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