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How to understand the multi-service ordering Croatia Mobile Number  scenarios that users may encounter? Whether it is at the user layer or the product design layer. The multi-service ordering process needs to take into account the actual application Croatia Mobile Number scenario. So when designing products. What should be paid attention to in the multi-service ordering process? In this article. The author summarizes the multi-service order design based on the case. Let’s take a look. Let’s take the project “Home spring festival package design” as an example to deeply analyze those things about placing orders with multiple services! 1. Project background: discover 1 key insight With the sharp increase in the demand for cleaning the year before. The daojia business will also usher in the peak service period of the year before the spring festival.

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Different from the relatively “Independent and long-term” cleaning and ordering behavior of daily users . From the data before the festival in previous Croatia Mobile Number years. We found that a considerable number of users’ order demands at this time are no longer single-item cleaning or cleaning services. But “Continuous ordering of multiple services” to Croatia Mobile Number complete a comprehensive cleaning of the home from the inside to the outside. Therefore. Adding the functional process of “Ordering multiple services at one time” can not only satisfy users’ demands for multi-service ordering before the festival. And fill the functional gap; multiple ordering modes improve business performance indicators; it is also an exploration of a new ordering mode for daojia business .Increase the number of service orders during the spring festival. And guide users to place orders for more services.

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From the functional experience point of view: Abandon complex interactive forms and improve the overall service ordering experience. Therefore. Based on the experience of previous years. We can disassemble the Croatia Mobile Number indicator into 4 small parts from the perspective of design. Design meditation丨multi-service ordering. Do you really understand? 1) increase the number of service orders = “Growth” of average daily order volume x “Efficient” ordering efficiency 2) improve the multi-service ordering experience = “Clear” at the cognitive level x “Simple” at the experiential level traditional e-commerce has many products and merchants. And the number of orders placed is uncontrollable; but in cleaning services. There are only a dozen services. And the high-frequency categories placed by users are relatively fixed and concentrated. And ordinary users place orders continuously the number of service items is less than 3 items. 2) order process

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