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Facebook went on to say that they support its political advertising policy. They choose not to limit the targeting of ads (like Google), not to. Ban ads outright (like Twitter), and not to disallow disinformation. The platform still doesn’t allow hate speech, harmful content, and content. Besigned to intimidate voters or Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List prevent them from exercising their right. To Facebook Updates Privacy Checkup This is the first update. Since 2014 to the Privacy Checkup tool, which helps users understand and protect their data. Facebook Privacy Checkup Tool Source: Facebook The update covers four topics: who can see what you share, how to keep your account secure.

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Who can see what you share” outlines what personal information is visible on your profile. Likely to see phone numbers, email addresses and posts. The How to Secure Your Account page will create a more secure password for you and open a login alert. How People Find You will show you how people find you on Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List Facebook and who can send you friend requests. Finally, “Your data settings on Facebook” shows the information you’ve shared with other apps through your Facebook login. You can also remove access to any application on this page. Facebook has also integrated some privacy tips throughout the app to help users make decisions about their settings.

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Image from Twitter data for academic researchers webpage. Source: Twitter Developers can access Twitter’s “public conversation data” by applying for an account online. This page details the various APIs Twitter provides and tools for researchers, covering topics such as data integration and access, analytics, visualization, and infrastructure and hosting. They wrote on the page: “On Twitter, we value the contributions of academic researchers Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List and see their potential to help us better understand our platform, hold us accountable, and help us respond to new developments through discovery and innovation. challenge.” A Techcrunch article suggests this has to do with the 2020 US election and concerns about interference.

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